Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tea Towel Review

I have two beautiful linen tea towels I received from www.all-tea-towels.co.uk  for review.   The first thing I noticed is how pretty the towels are.  They each have a striking design printed on one side.   

The two towels I picked out were 100% linen.  The fabric really was fantastic.  I washed the towels, at first by hand, to remove the natural starches as instructed by the care instructions.  I then washed them two more times and air dried them.  I also ironed them as per instructed in the care instructions and they ironed up really nice too.

I did a little research on the internet as to exactly what a tea towel is used for.  It is a dish towel.  It is used to dry your best dishes or any dishes.  So, I tried them out on some of my nicest things to see how they did.   I dried this plate and teacup with this tea towel and it did a wonderful job.  The fibers in this linen is extremely absorbent.  I have worked in a fabric store in the past and had some experience with linen and linen blends and this linen is of a very high quality.  The fibers of this linen even had a sheen after washing.  The towels also worked very well on Tupperware as well as stainless steel pots and pans.

So, how did they do on the finest of crystal and silver?  They did a great job with that too.  I dried my Waterford crystal goblet with this towel and not a bit of lint is left behind.   

I also dried my sterling silver.  The towel took all of the moisture away, left the silver dry, and no lint or water spots.  

So, in conclusion I would highly recommend these tea towels.  They were a joy to use and a great asset to equip your kitchen with. 

A big thank you to www.all-tea-towels.co.uk  for the opportunity to review these tea towels.  
Based in Northern Ireland, All Tea Towels has many fun and lovely designs of tea towels and will ship world wide.  Go and check them out.